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      How to find owner financed land opportunities

    If you have decided owner financed land is a good option for you but
haven't figured out the exact land you'd like to invest in, here are a few great
places to find the right property.  

  • www.thelandwrangler.com - obviously, this website is a great place to
    start.  There are individual pages for each state which contain links to
    websites or listings of land with owner financing possibilities in that area.

  • Local classified websites are also a very good source for finding owner
    financed land in your area.  Sites like Craigslist and Backpage, Oodle
    and usfreeads.com all have sections to locate owner financed land.  

  • One place that is sometimes overlooked for finding land for sale with
    owner financing possibilities is ebay.com.  ebay is used by millions of
    people every day and not just for every day items.  I have  sold
    thousands of items on ebay, including several houses and cars.  The
    good thing about buying owner financed land from ebay is the fact that
    the sellers have to maintain a reputation based on the transactions
    they have been involved in previously.  This gives a buyer a little more
    assurance that they are dealing with a reputable seller.  Another
    benefit is that you are more likely to find a seller who is willing to make
    owner financing payments easier to transact, by using Paypal or other
    online payment methods for example.  In addition to the real estate
    section of the main site, ebay also has a classified section which allows
    you to find land for sale in an area by typing in your location.  If you are
    selling owner financed land, the classified site is free to list and the
    transactions are not made through the site.  It is conducted similar to
    the classified sites mentioned above.  Although this can save money as
    a seller, I will say from experience that even though the main site is not
    free to list, the real estate section of the main ebay site will generally
    produce significantly more page views.