If you are looking for owner-financed land deals in the state of Wisconsin, look no
further.  Our goal is to provide free information for people looking for owner-financed
property in Wisconsin.  If you have land for sale in Wisconsin and you offer
owner-financing options, contact admin@thelandwrangler.com and we will gladly list it
for you for free.

Lands Contracts - Owner Financing in Wisconsin
This site was a little confusing to me at first because I couldn't tell if it was a site for
selling contracts to use in owner financed deals or selling land.  Once I started
checking it out I found that it is a place with tons of vacant land in Wisconsin, many
parcels with possible seller finance.  It has a section where the land is searchable
by county, with a clickable map of Wisconsin.  You definitely don't want to skip over
this website.

Northern Wisconsin land - affordable vacant land in Crivitz and Marinette
County, Wisconsin.  Easy seller finance.

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