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A Land Auction is a great way to purchase your dream property at
an affordable price.  Real Estate, including land, homes and
commercial property is sold at auction every day in Indiana and
throughout the United States. There are many different reasons for
land to be sold at auction.  Sometimes when an older person dies
they leave their land to more than one person.  In a case like this, if
the deceased person had multiple children or grandchildren it is
very common to leave the land to any number or all of them.  So for
example, if the deceased had 5 different beneficiaries she may
leave each with a 1/5 share of the land.  Among those 5 people that
inherit the land, there is usually 5 different financial situations and a
couple different ideas of what should be done with the land.  Many
times the best solution in this case is to sell the land quickly at
auction and divide the proceeds between the beneficiaries rather
than try to decide how to evenly divide up the property.  
    Another common reason for a land auction in Indiana (or
anywhere else for that matter) is to settle a tax debt owed to a state,
local or federal government agency.  These sales also offer great
value to the buyer since the government agency is most interested
in selling the land quickly and recouping at least enough to cover
the unpaid taxes.  

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