Foreclosure Land For Sale

One way of obtaining land for a relatively inexpensive price is to find
foreclosure land for sale.  Foreclosure land is property that is being financed
where the buyer is unable to keep up on payments and defaults on the loan.  
The land then goes into foreclosure and is sold, usually at a price below market
value or at a land foreclosure auction.  

   It is also possible to find foreclosure land for sale by the government at sales
and auctions.  The government can foreclose on land and homes because of
unpaid taxes.  It is more common to find homes for sale at foreclosure auctions
than land because a home is harder for the bank or lender to liquidate than just
a piece of land.  This is why owner financing is much more common for land
than for homes.  If someone defaults on a land purchase, the seller can just
keep ownership to the land and resell it.  If a buyer defaults on a home
purchase, the seller must have the buyer removed from the home, and the
buyer may have done damage to the house that makes the value less than the
amount borrowed.  However, with due diligence, you can still find some
bargains on home foreclosures as well as land foreclosures.  
   There are several different ways to find foreclosure land for sale but the
easiest is generally to use a service that alerts subscribers to foreclosed
properties throughout the country.  They generally charge a weekly or monthly
fee for this service, but compared to the amount of money you can save on a
purchase such as a home or piece of land they are relatively inexpensive.  The
one that seems to have the best reputation is .  This site offers
a 7-day free trial offer so you can check out the listings for free for a week.  
With over 2 million listings at any given time there is a good chance that you'll
either find the foreclosure land you're looking for or at least get an idea of
whether this site will help you. also has some free tools like
some instructional webinars and other information.

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